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All people should be guaranteed basic human rights, primarily the right to life. All people are entitled to live without constant fear, coexist in peace, regardless of race, sex, social status or creed. All people should be treated equally and fairly. Education, family, & social responsibility should be paramount in order to allow all people to grow with dignity.

We are a community of friends with a love for timeless & universal social arts, educational, spiritual, & volunteer experiences. Our lifework is to channel love, light, & peace into the world through the healing power of the performing arts. If you share these values join the tribe below and stay connected as we unite the world under the banner of peace and prosperity. 

"When the lion and the lamb will lay down together. And the swords of all the nations are lost forever. You know that things can only get better with a little peace in our time."

Welcome to the tribe!

Peace שלום سلام

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