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"Acheinu (אחינו)"

(Our Brothers & Sisters) 

11th Century Jewish Prayer

Music by Aryeh Shalom 


I hope this brings you a little bit of solace during these incredibly challenging times. 


Along with so many of you, I've been heartbroken and traumatized by recent events in Israel and around the world. In the midst of those helpless feelings, I felt compelled to work on a melody for the "Acheinu (אחינו)" (Our Brothers & Sisters) prayer. I've been singing it over and over again in the hope that our captives will be freed, our soldiers returned, the wounded ones healed, the mourners comforted and all of humanity's innocent civilians protected from harm. As always we prayerfully yearn for peace and reconciliation and we thank our allies for their continued support and solidarity.

With Love, Aryeh Shalom 


Israel Support & Advocacy:


All PSA & song proceeds to benefit Magen David Adom:

Israel's national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank. service.


Israel, you are not alone

We rise and fall together


Music by Aryeh Shalom

Produced by Matt Muir @matty_muir

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Recorded at Retro City Studios

An Old City Theatre Production

Exile And Redemption: A Neo-Hasidic Rock Opera By Aryeh Shalom

Exile And Redemption: A Neo-Hasidic Rock Opera

12 Music Videos :: One Epic Story


A mystical tale of Divine providence, shattered dreams, and resilient transformation, drawing from Hasidic legend and refracted through the lens of one family's existential struggle and triumph of spirit. A symphonic journey exploring the mystery of Judaism and the meaning of life.


Composed, Written, & Directed by Aryeh Shalom

Music Production :: Barrie Maguire

(Amos Lee, Natalie Merchant, The Wallflowers) 

Cinematography :: Shaia Erlbaum

(Content Creator for Universal Music Group)

A Visual Album Produced by Old City Theatre


Peace שלום سلام

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